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Editorial Policy

EMSA Requirements:

  • Anything uploaded to the site must either be the property of the individual uploading it or have the permission of the contents’ owner to use it in order to avoid any possible legal repercussions to the EMSA.
  • The EMSA is not responsible for any damages, injuries, losses, or expenses sustained in connection with the content of the EMSA website.
  • The information on the EMSA website is intended to be current and factual and may or may not be relevant to a particular situation.
  • The EMSA makes no guarantees about the site or its content and has no liability for anything untoward which may occur as a result of using the site content.
  • The EMSA uses reasonable care to assure the accuracy of any information on the site, however, much information is provided “as is” and may not be fully accurate.

The EMSA cannot guarantee that the site will be 100% accurate at all times and necessarily suitable to one’s specific need.

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Forums and Blog Policy

Responsibility For User-Provided Content:

This website contains a number of features such as blogs, discussion forums, and social media which will allow user interactions. Anyone utilizing this site will not:

  • Inhibit others’ use or enjoyment of the site.
  • Misrepresent any affiliations one might have or impersonate another individual.
  • Use the site for illegal activities.
  • Use the site or any affiliated systems for hacking, password mining or other similar illicit activities.
  • Use the site to transmit abusive, threatening, obscene or otherwise indecent information.
  • Use the site, without prior permission, for the posting or transmission of copyright protected material.
  • Use the site for malware/virus transmission.
  • Use the site for commercial promotion of specific products and/or services or for marketing purposes.
  • Engage in personal attacks or question the motives behind others’ comments.
  • Flood the site thereby negatively affecting others; ability to use the website.

The EMSA reserves the right to deny direct access to the site using a pre-posting review. The EMSA also reserves the right to edit or remove comments that it feels violates any of the above tenets or is scientifically unproven & may represent an opinion rather than a fact.

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Requirement to be listed in the Resource Directory

Facilities and individuals listed on these pages have been recommended based on their adherence to basic safe practices. Riders at these facilities or working the listed individuals will be required to wear helmets and safe footwear when mounted. The facility will have a safety plan, engage in best safety practices and teach same as part of routine horse interaction. Coaches and instructors are familiar with and require basic safety procedures around horses.

EMSA makes no warranty about entities listed and strives to help protect the rights of horse people. State Horse Councils and legislators equine warning laws are found at http://www.horse-insurance.com/law.html and http://www.americanequestrian.com/equinelaws.htm.

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Requirement to be listed as a Trusted Associate

To be listed as a Trusted Associate, please submit your information via the Equestrian Medical Safety Association support request form.

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