Equestrian Medical Safety Association

Success Stories

EMSA Made A Difference

EMSA is engaged in research, education and assistance to those involved with horses. Here are some of those success stories.

After 30 years of EMSA research, coalition building and leadership the United States Equestrian Federation mandated that all participants in its recognized completions that involved jumping are required to wear ASTM certified helmets. In 2012 all Dressage competitors riding in national level tests were required to wear helmets with harness in place when mounted.
Competition Safety Leadership
Early in 2000 EMSA collaborated with a Concussion Task Force that created Return to Play Criteria for riders in horse sports who experienced concussion. Later these rules were formalized in the rules for Eventing and in 2009 for all of the disciplines in the US Equestrian Federation. These criteria readily apply to those recovering from concussion and want to know how to return to riding. In recent years interest and awareness in concussion and recovery has expanded in team sports.
Concussion, Return to Play Criteria