Equestrian Medical Safety Association


Preparedness and Education and Implementation

EMSA offers assistance, through our knowledge and experience based, to those who have suffered injury and disability in equestrian activities.

Learn how to protect your home, barn and loved ones by making a plan, learning about the hazards, assembling a disaster kit and learning what to do when a disaster strikes. Regardless of breed or discipline, every equestrian faces the chance that a fall, injury or some other type of event will present a challenge in their life, whether on the road or at home. EMSA has assembled a network of providers and ideas in order to be the first point of reference when facing one of these challenges. Please search through our information as a means of finding the help you need.

In addition, feel free to leave a reply on this page to add to our database of references. Post about a great trailer repair facility, boarding facility, horse hotel, physician or veterinarian, or whatever else you think might help a fellow equestrian in need. Please include the name, address, phone number and web address in your post. We appreciate your contribution!

EMSA Resource Directory

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EMSA Medical Resource Directory

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