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Popular Press Articles

Popular Press Articles

Easily accessible information on rider safety and accident tevis eprevention can be found here.  Also consult our Library.





The Student Science blog has excellent information and tevis 22images about current research on helmets in football and relates it to  other sports including riding. The U Vermont Equine Extension brochure contains access to information on fitting helmets as well    as other useful safety publications.

A review of current common vests and helmets is in May, 2014 Practical Horseman.

Safety Analysis of  Your Facility

Identifying potential hazards and accident prevention at your facility. A Self Guided Facility Analysis available from U VT for $5.

The USPC Safety Booklet has useful information about facility safety and fire prevention.

Legislative Efforts for Equestrian Safety

Legislation in New York aimed at reducing the severity of KON_2872injuries for those with horses who come into contact with motor vehicle traffic on public highways is presented.

Legislation in Ohio aimed at concussion awareness and education was introduced in January. This legislation is based on Institute of Medicine’s efforts to improve the science and to change the culture around youth and concussion.



Youth and Horses

There are a lot of questions that come from a family pony 1when a child wants to ride. When can a child ride a horse is a good developmental place to start.

Information on head injury and  prevention from the Pediatric Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness helps with decisions.

The 10 year long-term athlete development plan for elite riders informs parents, coaches and the athletes themselves.

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