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The Equestrian Medical Safety Association will provide periodic organizational and industry specific news articles. These articles will be able to be commented on by members.

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Library, Popular Press and Scientific Articles will be at your disposal for the most up to date information and technological information. Members can contribute articles to the libraries. Articles must be objective and cannot promote any company or its products/services. All statements about performance or claims must be supported by references to published literature. Contributors must obtain all internal clearances for articles prior to submission for publication. Authors are responsible for all statements made in their work. Authors are responsible for obtaining written reprint permission for illustrations and data previously published; crediting information and captions must be provided.

Feature Articles and Current Topics

Feature articles, application reviews, case studies, and research summaries are authored by the experts in the industry. EMSA invites contributions from researchers and scientists the horse world and academic settings. Contributions from technical specialists in vendor communities are welcome, but must adhere to editorial guidelines for objective, noncommercial writing. If you are interested in contributing such articles, please contact us.

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Forums: Horse people, Medical and EMS, Scientific Research
Contribute reviews of scientific and technical research to make that information accessible to the horse oriented public. The examinations of trends and technologies, practical applications of tools and techniques will help users of the site gain practical information and insights. Contributor’s expertise and unique perspectives on trends, safety issues, technologies, and news that form the knowledge base of equestrian prevention and safety is made available through EMSA.

Participate in Safety Awareness and Promotion

Review programs and initiatives currently in practice in the horse community that promote safety awareness and education. If you know of safety or prevention competitions, awards or contests, they can be promoted through this site. Local programs have gained exposure and were copied in other communities. There are numerous excellent programs throughout the country that can be shared on this site.