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Article, Charitable and Educational Contributions

Donate To The EMSA

Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated and help the Equestrian Medical Safety Association continue and expand its work. The Equestrian Medical Safety Association offers a variety of areas where you may make your tax deductible contribution. The EMSA will use your donation to make peoples’ interactions with horses safer and thus enjoyable. Whether this be by providing factual and accurate information and expertise; supporting special projects that promote safety and accident prevention or aiding consumers in decision making; EMSA is committed to engaging the horse community in safe practices and providing the best sciences-based information available. Your gift will be put to the best possible use as we all work to make the equestrian experience a safe reality for as many horse lovers as possible. EMSA is an all volunteer organization with no paid staff. Your contributions will go directly to services.

Individual Cash Gifts
Individual cash gifts are an excellent way to support EMSA. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Gifts may be made in honor or in memory of a person, animal, or special event and is a great way to let someone know how special they are.

You may make a contribution online using our secure server, or download a contribution form to mail in with your gift.



Tributes and Memorial Gifts
Contributions made to recognize programs, projects, persons or horses that have been important to the furthering of safe interactions between horse and people.

Planned Giving
Many individuals are concerned about the future of how individuals far removed from experience with horses will gain the knowledge and insight to safely be around the horses. You can give a legacy gift to develop and implement the programs and activities of EMSA through your estate. You can also join these generous individuals as members through your will or other planned gift. Planned gifts benefit both the individual and the EMSA. Such a gift is usually the result of careful financial and/or estate planning, and is often combined with current gifts as part of an overall giving program. These gifts include trusts, bequests, personal property, life insurance and gifts of real property subject to a life estate. Each of these forms of giving is closely regulated by law and requires special arrangements and tax treatment. For more information on planned giving contact us.

One’s legacy can be furthered through a gift to EMSA. As a permanent source of funding for prevention and educational programs. Legacy contributions will ensure that support for the work of the EMSA is available in the years and generations to come.

Many companies offer matching gift programs. Check with your company’s personnel department to see if they offer such a program and, if so, take advantage of the opportunity. It is an easy way to double your gift to EMSA

In addition, gifts of securities may be made to the EMSA. Gifts of common stock can be made at any time, allowing the donor to receive the fair market value of the securities at the time the gift is made as a tax deduction.