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Emergency Preparedness

Be Prepared In Case of Emergency

Emergency Preparedness

Information concerning how to be prepared in case of an emergency to be displayed here. Be sure to follow all safety guidelines for equine safety and consult our Resource section should you need emergency preparedness information.

The Fall 2014  EMSA Newsletter focused on disaster planning and preparedness. Planning  for disasters so that you, those who care for your horse and your horse can cope with natural disaster is essential if you need to react quickly. Action plans and information (horse ID, transport, what to take along, where you will go, what you need to take and can you evacuate) are discussed.

There were articles and resources specific to fires, wind and tornadoes as well as information specific to hurricanes and floods.  The consistent thread throughout was the importance pf creating a plan and sharing it broadly. When time is of the essence, the importance of broad understanding about what needs to be done  for the best outcomes for you and your horse is very important.

There are numerous links to resources.

Elron Reyer Horse Disaster and Evacuation Plans

Eldon Reyer In conjunction with the EMSA annual meeting in December 2014 Elron Reyer gave and practical and insightful presentation about  planning for  natural disasters when you are responsible for horses. His real live experience moving horses out of fire’s way and maintain while owners coped with devastating property loss informed a thoughtful group of horse folks aware and interested in  preparation for a variety of scenarios.  The content of  his talk is downloadable from the library along with an evacuation plan.